Lafayette man worried his ‘adopted’ son may be man found in vehicle fire

SCOTT, La. (KLFY) — For the second day, deputies are hunting for suspects and evidence to identify two victims in Tuesdays morning’s vehicle fires.

One Lafayette parent is worried his son may be the man found in Carencro.

KLFY spoke with a father that hasn’t seen or heard from his son in three days. Concern is growing within their family because of ties his son has to the other possible burn victim.

A Lafayette resident and parent Eddie Thomas says he hasn’t been able to make contact with his son, Brouklynn since June 19, when his son called to wish him a happy father’s day,

“[I] call him back to back, constantly, it’s going straight to voicemail.”

Thomas says the new developments of the bodies in Tuesday’s vehicle fires being identified as male and female, has him concerned.

“I didn’t know that my son Brouklynn which is my adopted son, he was actually living with Ashley, the woman that passed away.”

Deputies still have not confirmed the identity of the body found on Old Spanish Trail, or Disette Road in Carencro.

Neither Brouklynn Hill nor Ashly Metz has been seen or heard from since the burned cars were found.

Brouklynn’s father is asking everyone to keep their eyes open for his son.

Thomas says his son did not own a car. And sheriff’s officials say they’re holding on to the description of the vehicle as they continue the investigation.

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