Alligator Safety in Louisiana



Louisiana is home to over 2 million alligators. a recent tragedy in Orlando has put the spotlight on these reptiles.
Alligators are found in fresh bodies of water, especially here in Louisiana you can find them in bayous, swamps, and even in the middle of ul’s campus.
3 generations of the Guchereau’s have been up and down these swamps for decades.
Shawn Guchereau says alligators are actually quite peaceful and don’t like to be bothered.

Guchereau says he find alligators to be the most boring animal we have, because they don’t do anything.
Guchereau says alligators mind their own business.
when humans interfere with gators, by feeding them, this can lead to a dangerous situation.

Guchereau says “when a gator attacks someone its usually someone that’s feeding it. or it might be a mistake in identity””
This is called a reaction strike, which he says was likely in the Orlando case.
just last week, an alligator dragged a 2-year-old boy into a lagoon at Disney World and killed him.

Guchereau it’s very rare to get attacked by an alligator. its like one attack every year or two .””
Guchereau says you can admire alligators from a safe distance, but don’t feed them, because that makes them not afraid of humans.

Guchereau says “Don’t feed them, leave them alone and they’ll leave you alone””
Alligators chomp with 2960 pounds of force.

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