Advisories for Bacteria in Beach Water

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Long holiday weekends are perfect for beach getaways. If you see a green green sign, you might want to read it and take it into consideration.

This advisory warns beach goers that high levels of bacteria were found in the water and swimming is not advised.

Current beach advisories across Louisiana include one in Grand Isle, four in Holly Beach, Lake Charles South, Dung Beach, Martin Beach, and Cypremore State Park.

KLFY spoke with park manager Keith Broussard tells us that this advisory was issued at the beginning of June.

“It’s just an advisory, if you have a weak immune system, the very elderly, the very young, then you should not go in the water. If you have open wounds, do not venture in there.”

Long hot summer days in Louisiana make for perfect bacteria breeding grounds and there have been cases of flesh-eating bacteria infections reported statewide this year.

Broussard tells News 10, “The warmer the water, the better for bacteria to grow””

This advisory that warns of bacteria should be taken seriously if you plan to get in the water and if you do swim, always remember to rinse off after.

Though if you’re heading to the beach, you don’t always have to get into the water. Lacey Keenze, who was born and raised in Franklin was here to soak up the sun.

“I don’t go in the water, I’m just here hanging out in the sand,” says Lacey

There is still plenty to do without getting in the water this Fourth of July weekend according to Broussard.

“If you don’t think that it’s safe to go in and swim there’s still a lot of things to do. Barbeque, there’s a lot of open space for the children to play. There’s picnic pavilions and there’s fishing.”

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