Local ad agency shows businesses the digital ‘ropes’ on Social Media Day

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) –  Organizations now use social media as an outlet to promote their business or event through various social media accounts such a Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram.

In today’s world we are connected more than ever and a huge part of that is  through social media.

Thursday, business people attended classes at the LITE center to learn how to promote their organizations through social media.

“Everybody lives online now, everybody’s using the internet to find information, to share photos, to engage with friends,” said BBR Creative’s Online Market Specialist Cory Lagrange, “As that becomes more and more prevalent it’s important that businesses carve out their stake in social media and get their presence on the internet .”

Social media is the perfect way for a business to communicate with their customers.

“Social media is vital in growing business, maintaining the business you have, building advocacy, addressing concerns that people might have about your business, it really is your personal PR platform and really gets your brand out in front of people,” said Lagrange

Public Relations major at UL Lafayette, Courtney Bergeron, attended some of the classes that were offered throughout the day.

“I’ve went to three classes so far and they’ve all been super beneficial,” said Bergeron, “Different skills in each one and just great pointers and things that i can also explore on my own, I can kind of go research and learn from these tips that I’ve learned here.”

Lagrange says if you are looking to start promoting your business via social media, Facebook is a good place to start.

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