Residents fed up: Petition to recall Sheriff Louis Ackal

NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) – In the midst of a heated federal indictment involving sheriff Ackal, a voice recording has been released where Ackal allegedly makes disturbing comments about a prosecutor. Meanwhile, a petition to recall Ackal is making its way around the parish. Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal has been in the hot seat several times before and Thursday resident’s decided enough was enough.

“People are fed up, people are tired. It’s like a dark cloud is being cast over Iberia Parish.”

Vice Chairman of the Sheriff Ackal Recall Petition Donald Broussard said it was time someone took a stand against Ackal.

“Eight inmates have lost their life at the Iberia Parish Jail. And enlight of all the indictments and civil right’s violations that sheriff Ackal is facing , and the disparing comments agaist a federal prosecutor, that was eventually leaked, someone had to speak up and speak out.”

Broussard said he needs just over 33% of registered voters in the parish to sign. His goal is to exceed the requirements and register new voters.

“We have to get people registered because getting the signitures will be the easy part, but getting people out to the polls to force him out of office that’s going to be the task at hand.”

Local Activists Khadijah Rashad said Ackal has taken trust out of law enforcement.

“It’s putting security back into our communties. It means showing that we are not going to continue to accept corruption and abuse in our own communties.”

Several others, who did not wish to be on camera, said the problem is not Ackal. They believe it’s the lack of law enforcement presence in the parish and said doing away with the city police department was a mistake.

Broussard has 180 days to collect the required amount of signatures to move forward with a recall.

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