Washington residents fed up with policing practices of interim chief

Photo: The Daily World

WASHINGTON, La (KLFY) – The policing issues in the town of Washington continue.

Earlier this year, the community voted to oust former police chief, Ronelle Broussard, after residents complained he wasn’t doing his job. Now, Washington residents say they’re upset over how the interim police chief, Mary Doucet, is doing her job.

Chief Doucet has only been in office for about two months, but residents say they want her out.

“I am so sick and tired of the dishonesty in this town,” said Washington resident, Deborah Clark.

“We want to see someone who can mix with the people,” said Washington resident, Dorothy Worthy. “We want to see someone who is not prejudice.”

Many residents in the town of Washington say they are fed up.

“She’s not going to be here long,” said Worthy.

Fed up with how Chief Doucet is running the city’s police department.

“She’s totally unfair,” said Clark.

“It appears that she wants to completely replace the police department with friends of hers or people that she’s acquainted with,” said Worthy.

This includes trying to replace employees like Clark who says she’s employed with the city and has been trying to return to her job after two years of medical leave.

“She has not contacted me to go back to work,” said Clark.

Residents say the police department has been in disorder for sometime now, and they’re looking forward to electing a new police chief come November.

“Chief Doucet has not shown me honesty,” said Clark. “We need someone that’s going to be honest and we need somebody that’s going to be fair to all people not some.”

“We want to see someone who realizes that no one’s going to come in here and play big shot and take control,” said Worthy, and the townspeople say they’re well prepared to take their community back once again.

“We can vote for you, but we can also vote you out,” said Clark.

We reached out to Chief Doucet to find out how she’s addressing the community’s issues, but declined to comment because she says it’s a personnel matter.

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