The Buzz on Mosquitoes


With on and off thunderstorms and long hot summer days, this makes for the perfect environment for mosquito breeding.
Mosquitoes may be pests to us but they are important to Louisiana’s ecosystem.

Herff Jones, the Executive Director at Iberia Parish Mosquito Control tells us “in global biology they have a distinct purpose in the food chain primarily, for very significant species especially here in the sportsman paradise.””

as much as we would love to get rid of mosquitoes completely, fish and other wildlife do feed on them.
“So a world without mosquitoes would have a pleasing effect for humans but a negative effect for the rest of the biological systems,” Jones says.

There are ways to control mosquitoes in concentrated areas.
Iberia parish mosquito control will be conducting another aerial spray Friday evening.
The hours of the spraying are very specific.
Usually, the sprays are done minutes before sun down, when mosquitoes are most active. Mosquitoes also like to come out right before sunrise too.

Jones says “with the combination of ground and aerial spraying and also larvae sighting which targets the Juvenal stage the aquatic stage of mosquitoes. we see anywhere from 92 to 98 percent reduction in baseline populations.””

The spray specifically targets mosquitoes and does not harm other critters like bees or butterflies.
Jones says a contact pesticide is meant to contact the target and then go away, and they have no residual impact on the environment.
This week was actually national mosquito control awareness week
It’s designed to bring awareness to getting rid of any sitting water that could be future homes to baby skeeters.
Also to keep yourself protected by wearing bug repellent.

Jones also suggests wearing light colored clothing, lightweight long sleeves and long pants if you’re super sensitive to mosquito bites.
There are fish are called gambusias and they are an alternative method to mosquito larvae population control.92826F83469E4BA0B7AD4AE18BAF811F

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