Law Enforcement Officials caution public of false threats via social media

Photo Credit: MGN

The following has been released by the Louisiana State Police:

Louisiana State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson and East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux and other local law enforcement agencies want to assure the public that local, state and federal agencies are closely monitoring social media to ensure the safety of the community and watch for credible threats. At this time there are NO credible threats to law enforcement or the public.

“Law enforcement officials take these types of threats very seriously,” said Colonel Michael Edmonson, Louisiana State Police Superintendent.

“It is essential that the integrity and transparency of this investigation be maintained so that it may be properly concluded. But it just as important to ensure that public safety during the course of this inquiry be maintained and preserved. When threats are made they can unnecessarily alarm the public and undermine the investigative process by diverting resources and attention away from the important task at hand. The State Police, with our law enforcement partners, will remain vigilant at monitoring threats, determining their sources and legitimacy and if necessary providing appropriately measured responses.”

“Local, state and federal agencies are all working in close conjunction with one another and are in constant communication.” Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said. “If information is received that is deemed to be credible, the public will be immediately notified.”

Law enforcement has received several reports regarding threats made via social media concerning the Baton Rouge area. Law enforcement has conducted research and determined that the threats were made via social media and anonymous member sites. At this time, we have not identified any credible information to indicate that this will take place. In the past, during officer-involved shooting incidents, multiple threats have circulated via the internet. These posts have been seen as a social media hoax and are determined to have originated from persons that were angry with the situation.

We ask the public not to circulate false rumors. If the public has any information related to any threats please send the information to the Louisiana Fusion Center at

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