Law enforcement honored at city-wide prayer service

Photo Credit: KLFY

LAFAYETTE (KLFY) – Tuesday night community members from multiple denotations came to unify in prayer after a week of violence across the country.

“You know we live in a tough time today and it’s important that we come together and it’s important that the city sees that warm embrace, man, and why not at the household of faith,” said Daniel Kelly, pastor of the Harvest Center Church.

Representatives from around ten denominations took part in praise and worship, as well as praying for those in authority and elected leaders.

“We’re hurting and I think we’re divided right now. I think it would be really awesome if we could come together as a city and a community,”  said Caleb Clotiaux, pastor of the Living Faith Church.

Church leaders also honored first responders and their families in prayer. They prayed for the Scott police department, the Lafayette police and fire departments, as well as others who were there.

For some of the pastors at the prayer event, they shared a message of unity.

“You know we’re not perfect, but it times like this kind of unite us. So I thank God for the trial that we are in because it really shows the of our country, our nation and our people,” said Kelly.

“We have to come together in Lafayette, in Baton Rouge, in Louisiana, in Minnesota, everywhere. The country has to come and unify and know that unity and love and really focusing on god is the only thing that’s going to bring unity,” said Clotiaux.

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