Michigan Pokemon Go player finds unconscious woman behind the wheel

Photo Courtesy: WOOD-TV

HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — An Ottawa County man says he was playing Pokemon Go on his smart phone when his quest for animated characters led him to an unconscious driver.

Gabriel Loyola said he was among the tens of thousands of people out and about playing the newly released game when he discovered the woman Saturday evening at Beeline Road and Ann Street in Holland Township and called 911.

“I’m over here supposed to be catching Pokemon, not saving people, right?” Loyola said with a laugh.

Investigators determined that the woman passed out behind the wheel was intoxicated. She was arrested pending charges.

This isn’t the first bizarre find credited to the game, which has amassed a huge following since it was released last week.

A woman in the state of Wyoming found a body while playing Pokemon Go.

In Missouri, police said robbers also targeted unsuspecting Pokemon Go players lured to the area while searching for characters and treasures.

Loyola said he doesn’t call himself a hero. He says he’s just glad he was there to help.

“Luckily we downloaded the app and came around,” he said. “This app makes you go outside and kinda walk around and stuff like that. If I never did play this game… I would’ve never noticed that lady there.”

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