Lafayette Mayor-President: Police substation at Four Corner’s not the best option

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)— Lafayette Mayor-President Joel Robideaux says a police substation at the Four Corner’s location is not the best option.

While many residents agree, one group wants the substation.

Some residents News 10 spoke with say one reason they’re not interested in seeing a police substation in the Four Corners area is that it would cost the city money to maintain, as oppose to a business which could bring money into the area.

Jennifer Doucet of Lafayette could not believe her ears when she heard the idea that the police substation proposal might be scrapped. Doucet who is a resident and a member of the La Place Organization Townfolks speaks from a personal perspective. She tells KLFY what residents don’t want, an unmanned and understaffed police substation.

“Empty the majority of the time and unmanned. We want a police substation that would be a bridge between the police and the residents of this neighborhood and surrounding neighborhood.”

Mayor-President Joel Robideaux says as a gateway into Lafayette, University Avenue needs to be revitalized into an economic corridor.

“Having a police substation on Four Corners I think just buys into the concept that it’s an unsafe place, it’s a place where we need a police substation, it’s not an economic corridor.”

Robideaux says he remembers when the Cameron University intersection was a social hub.

“To the Pat Theatre to Toby’s and Jacobs. That was an area we all went. I would like to get it back to that.”

But groups like Better Block Four Corners say there’s a public necessity.

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