Large, long lasting Lake Pontchartrain waterspout thrills & scares onlookers

Photo Credit: Errolyn Letillier

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WWL-TV) – The thick and menacing funnel cloud spinning in the distance was first spotted from the heart of Lakeview

Soon, pictures and videos began arriving at WWL-TV from those who gathered along the lake shore.
At the New Canal Lighthouse, the scheduled tour suddenly had a major new attraction.
“Our Gray Line tour just came to take a tour of our new lighthouse and as we approached the steps, I turned and looked, and I thought ‘oh my goodness that is one of the biggest waterspouts that I’ve seen,'” said the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation’s Chelsea Core.
“I grew up on the Lake on the Northshore, and everybody near me was awestruck, and I ran thinking I’ve got to get video.”
It was a transfixing sight as it spun across the water, kicking up spray at its base, the thunderstorm growling behind it.
“It’s as big and as long lasting as one I’ve ever seen,” added the Foundation’s John Kinabrew. “It seemed to stay down for at least 30 minutes.
Two of the people who were on the Gray Line tour never went in the lighthouse. They were too transfixed by the waterspout, so it was cool. I’m glad I wasn’t out there, but it was cool.”
Pictures came into WWL-TV from across town, from Mid City to New Orleans East. It made lunch along the Lakefront unforgettable.
“It was sort of a tornado looking thing. It was huge, it was really big,” said observer Bob Bogan.
As the funnel finally thinned and dissipated, Raymond Gaspard showed it to 9-year-old Grace.
“I saw a big black cloud with a little tail hanging out of it.”Grace Gaspard said.
“Glad it’s over water, and not over land,” Raymond Gaspard added, saying that he was glad he wasn’t in his boat. “Oh yeah, definite, definite. It would be raining some fish.”

“I don’t want to see another one,” said Grace.

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