Baton Rouge restaurants, hotels chip in to help after tragedy

Local restaurants, such as Cici's Pizza, are showing their support for officers by offering them free meals. (Photo Courtesy: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – The road to healing is a long one, but in Baton Rouge, the community is already beginning to pull together.

After watching tragedy play out Sunday morning in the capital city, Rich Raborn decided he needed to give back. Raborn oversees two CiCi’s Pizza stores in the Baton Rouge area, including the one on Siegen Lane.

If an officer comes to his pizza shops in uniform, the meal is on the house.

“Police officers wake up everyday and they protect us,” Raborn said. “We just want to give something back to them to say thank you.”

And it is with that sort of giving spirit that the community may be able to get through this.

“Even though this has happened, this is not who we are. This is not Baton Rouge,” said Paulette Steely, a Baton Rouge resident. She was socked to see something so horrific play out in the parish.

“We are going to overcome with the love and forgiveness and the hope that we have,” she said.

Across town, a collection of hotels are sending out their own dose of love. Several hotels, including the Embassy Suites on Constitution Avenue, are giving free rooms to the families of the slain and injured officers.

“As they arrive, we want to make them as comfortable as we can. We’ve sent a amenities to the room, offer anything the hotel can do to make this difficult, difficult time easier for them,” said Barry Hughes with the Embassy Suites

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