In the face of adversity Louisiana continues to stand strong

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – This time last year, Acadiana experienced a horrifying tragedy that took the life of two young women and now, just fifty miles down the road, Baton Rouge is living that same nightmare.

On July 23rd, 2015 John Houser opened fire inside the Grand Theater. Nearly one year later Gavin Long walked the streets of Baton Rouge with the intent to kill those who protect and serve.

“To have somebody come through here to commit such heinous crimes is horrible,” said Master Trooper Brooks David.

Neither shooter was from Louisiana leaving may asking the question, why here?

Louisiana State Police Master Trooper Brooks David said Louisiana has proven it’s strength and resilience time and time again.

“Acadiana especially, has always come together in times of tragedy, whether it be shootings or hurricanes. Whenever that specific thing happens your neighbor is your neighbor.”

Corey Seneca, of Lafayette, is organizing an Acadiana United peace rally he said in the face of adversity Acadiana always stands united.

“After the tragedies, especially the grand theater shooting, I see that we came together as a community. They had a Black Lives Matter rally a week and a half ago, very peaceful. So I believe our community in Lafayette is strong.”

Just days away from the one year anniversary of the Grand Theater shooting and Lafayette is still standing strong.

“Lafayette Strong is still going strong today. You see Baton Rouge Strong and now you’re seeing shirts with Louisiana Strong. I just think our state in general is a special state that comes together in times of need,” said David.

We may never know why the killers chose these communities, but community leaders say Louisiana will remain strong.

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