State Senator prepares for White House meeting

Photo Caption: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) –  State Senator and Lafayette Parks and Recreation Director Gerald Boudreaux is headed to the nation’s capitol and looking for answers on how to stop the violence.

“There are some problems. And how we come up with the solutions is the key to how we solve this crisis,” Boudreaux said.

The Federal Office of Intergovernmental affairs invited Boudreaux to meet with federal officials and state legislators at the White House Thursday, June 21.

Community members said they hope violence in the area, as well as around the world, can be solved soon.

“We would really like it to be safe and the guns not in this area,” said Russell Flugence, Broussard resident.

“We are raising kids, and it’s hard to raise them in a community where they don’t feel safe,” said Tiara Davis, Lafayette resident.

Flugence and Davis said they are proud how hard the Lafayette police department is working to keep them safe.

“The police department is doing a good job and we appreciate their loyalty that they do every day,” Flugence said.

Officer Paul Mouton with the Lafayette police department said they try to learn from any horrific event, especially after a gunman shot three officers in Baton Rouge on Sunday.

“Obviously, the outpour of support we have received, whether it be cookies, or people bringing by food or thank you cards, has really done a lot for morale in the officers that work in this community,” Mouton said.

Boudreaux said he hopes to listen and learn about how to stop violence in the community from federal officials at the White House.

“It’s quite an honor, but me going doesn’t do anything unless we come back with some plans. We can empower others to be the solution because we know what the problems are,” Boudreaux said.


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