Residents and businesses, continue to show support for police

Photo: KLFY

Lafayette Parish, LA. (KLFY)  Whether it’s a blue ribbon, flag or light bulb, the community continues to show support for law enforcement.

The light above the front door of Tana Begnauds house in Youngsville has been blue for several months. “everyone that has done this in law enforcement, especially those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, they’re all stars. That’s what the blue (light) signifys to me.”

With recent police deaths in Baton Rouge and violence across the country, the lights message is important now more than ever.

“To let them know that we are standing behind them because they put themselves in danger for us…in the line of duty these guys (law enforcement) have done so much for us and they never question, they never do.” says Begnaud.

Local businesses are also showing their support for law enforcement. In Lafayette, Classic Auto Spa is proudly displaying ‘thin blue line’ flags.

Mark Veverica, an owner at Classic Auto Spa says people are “stopping in, taking pictures and sending it to us on Facebook. The response has been good but even without that response, we would’ve done it. We didn’t anticipate that but we’re glad to see it happening.”

Like Begnaud, Veverica says showing a little support is the least they can do.

“They need to be recognized and we can’t forget what they put on the line every day and the price that their families pay when things go wrong…Our country has to come together, people have to be supportive and show that support and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Veverica says the business has given more than 5 thousand car washes to law enforcement around Acadiana since they opened five years ago.

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