St. Landry Parish School’s summer feeding program benefits thousands

OPELOUSAS, La (KLFY) – The St. Landry Parish School Board is wrapping up the second year of their summer feeding program.

The program has shown to be a huge impact for less fortunate children.

“The food has been good and they come feed us everyday,” said program participant, Monterrion Green.

Green is one of a thousand kids benefiting from the program.

“It fills a gap and I think that the community is very appreciative because it also helps them, that’s one meal that they don’t have to prepare at home,” said Lucretia Chancler, Supervisor of Child Nutrition for St. Landry Parish School’s.

Chancler oversee’s the program, which she says is designed to promote healthy eating even while the kids are out of school.

“Generally we have a sandwich with fruits everyday, but we also have what we call double dogs, a hot meal once a week for them also,” said Chancler.

After a decrease in summer feeding participation, Chancler says the administration stepped up and made some positive changes that turned the program around.

“Parents call us all the time they want to know where the stop is so they can be there to bring their children,” said Chancler.

Once at the stop, the children then go through the neccesary steps to receive their meal.

“Wash their hands and then get on the bus, get their food, we make sure the meal is reimbursable and they sit and enjoy their meal,” said Chancler.

This season’s program comes to an end this Friday, but Chancler says they’re already looking at ways to make it better for next summer.

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