Back to School shoppers enjoy reduced sales tax holiday

Photo Credit: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Shopping for book bags and uniforms for the kids can add up pretty quickly, but families can save a little cash this weekend with the reduced sales tax holiday.

Friday kicks off the annual sales tax holiday weekend. Each year during this weekend shoppers can rack up on back to school supplies and save a little cash.

Typically the weekend before school starts is tax-free. However, this year is reduced tax.

Janette Griffin is shopping for seven kids. She said she is happy to save some money.

“I think it will still be beneficial in the long run. It will work out for a lot of parents and save a lot of money.”

This year shoppers will be paying a reduced sales tax of three percent. That’s two percent less than the full five percent state sales tax for sports and outdoors store director Scotty Guidry says despite the changing business has been great.

Academy Sports and Outdoors store director Scotty Guidry said despite the change business has been great.

“We got a little-reduced tax, that’s two percent they are saving off of the state tax. That’s definitely driving some sales for us.”

Jason Ashby and his two children are taking advantage of the tax holiday. He said tax-free would have been great, but every penny saved counts.

“I mean I think anything would help as far as keeping the extra money in our pockets for other things you know.”

The last day to take advantage of the tax holiday is Saturday.

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