Developers denied student-housing complex on Pinhook Road

Photo Caption: KLFY

Lafayette, La. (KLFY) – Neighbors might not have to worry about a new student housing complex causing traffic problems.

The Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Planning and Zoning Commission denied the proposal for the approximately $40 million student-housing complex.

The proposed complex would have been located on a 12-acre lot at 1500 Pinhook Road, near the Bendel Gardens neighborhood.

Neighbors in the Bendel Gardens neighborhood were afraid the proposed student-housing project would only make the traffic situation on Pinhook Rd. worse. Some neighbors made a petition against the complex a few weeks ago.

“Anyone who travels Pinhook or anyone who knows Lafayette at all knows that the traffic on Pinhook Road has always been a problem. You’re looking at a possible 600 vehicles that could be added to the mix,” said Becky Hawthorne, Bendel Gardens resident.

In a discussion Monday night, lasting for almost an hour and a half, the Planning and Zoning Commission denied the preliminary application to build a student-housing complex.

The commission cited traffic concerns as one of the reasons the commission denied the application.

The New Orleans based development company, Strategic Development Company of Louisiana, can appeal the motion within 5 days to continue with the student housing. The proposal would then go to the city-parish council.

“A traffic impact analysis is going to be required prior to them getting plat approval or getting building permits,” said Sara Gray, Development Manager.

So far, there’s no word yet on if the developers plan on filing a petition.

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