Abbeville General employee found beaten behind clinic

Photo: KLFY

Abbeville, LA. (KLFY)  The Abbeville General Hospital was temporarily placed on lockdown Wednesday morning and their women’s clinic was closed for the day after an Abbeville General employee was found beaten behind the Rural Health Clinic across the street.

Diane LaCour, Marketing Director for Abbeville General, says the hospital remained on lockdown for about 45 minutes.

“Which means no one can come and go unless they need medical attention of course and then all of the local businesses were on lockdown too, the school and other doctors offices.” said LaCour.

Abbeville police, in a press release, say the woman was crossing Alonzo Street when a man stopped her, asking for information about a doctor. Police say she was led to the back of the Rural Health Clinic at gunpoint and beaten. LaCour says hospital personnel reacted quickly.

“She was hit in the back of the head and brought to the back of our women’s clinic. At that time, screams were heard, the house supervisor was alerted. By the time he got there, two police personnel were here.”

The woman was treated at Abbeville General and released Wednesday afternoon.

LaCour says security is a top priority at Abbeville General, “We have trained security guards, we have a gated parking for employees for safety. We even installed lighting all over the hospital so that, especially at night, people feel secure…Everybody is always on that road (Alonzo Street) so it’s really an unfortunate circumstance and we will take it very seriously.”

LaCour adds that if employees feel unsafe walking around campus, they can be escorted by security guards.

Abbeville police are looking for a person of interest.

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