Flash flood safety tips

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The overpass on University Avenue is known to flood, and with five to ten inches of rain expected over the weekend the Office of Homeland Security is urging residents to take caution while on the road.

The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security Deputy Director Chris Guilbeaux said they’ll be monitoring the situation this weekend.

“Our biggest concern is people driving on the roadway that’s where the dangers are going to be.”

With a flash flood watch already in effect, motorists are encouraged to avoid driving.

“Limit your travel this weekend. If you do have to go out take your time, be patient,” said Corporal Paul Mouton.

Lafayette Police Corporal Paul Mouton asks motorists to avoid areas that usual flood.

“Obviously the underpasses sometimes the water will come down in such large volumes the motors can’t pump the water fast enough, also Ambassador Caffery.”

Guilbeaux said most flood-related deaths happen when vehicles drive into flooded roadways.

“The majority of the deaths that we deal with, especially when we saw flooding earlier this year in Louisiana, were vehicle-related, vehicles trying to go through water that they thought they could make it through.”If you can’t avoid driving this weekend mouton suggests pulling over when necessary.

If you can’t avoid driving this weekend Mouton suggests pulling over when necessary.

“If you are having a hard time seeing there’s a good chance you need to pull over into a safe area until that weather has moved on.”

Guilbeaux reminds drivers to protect yourself and avoid the risk of injury.

“We just ask not to take a chance even if you know where you are don’t take a chance and get yourself or your family in trouble.”

The rain is expected to pass through Acadiana Friday and continue into Saturday evening .

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