Local and state leaders travel to parishes, assessing damage

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)—Local and state leaders are travelling from parish to parish assessing damage to help flood victims.

They’re trying to help residents like those of Northeast Lafayette Parish who are seeing the damage for the first time since leaving everything behind. Many having to use boats to get to their homes.

The scenes and images in this area are similar around South Louisiana.

Residents of Derby Heights in Northeast Lafayette Parish were returning home for the first time since floodwaters took over, surveying the damage.

Raymond Mason is using his boat to help family and friends salvage whatever they can, unfortunately, sometimes, the damage is just too great.

A resident of 18-years, Debra Livings said she lost everything.

State Senator Gerald Boudreaux is one of many elected officials trying to get a handle on all the damage and the potential for more.

“We can’t stop the water,” said Boudreaux, but added that they can push for rapid recovery aide, “We’re anticipating more water so we’re working to get resources to save houses that do not have water yet.”

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