Youngsville Mayor: Debris collection plan almost finalized

YOUNGSVILLE, La (KLFY) – Piles of debris sitting curbside can be found in many neighborhoods across the city of Youngsville, which has city officials working on a plan for storm debris collection.

“The city’s finalizing a plan to execute now, and we’ll be getting on that shortly,” said Youngsville Mayor, Ken Ritter.

After last week’s heavy storms, many families are beginning the cleanup process.

“Just started ripping out stuff Sunday to get as much moisture out as we can,” said Youngsville resident, Billy Pruitt.

All the debris left curbside has many neighborhoods such as Chelsi Meadows looking like an eyesore.

“We had a foot of water in the house and everything got wet, so we’re going through all the furniture and appliances,” said Youngsville resident, Bill Mora.

“Throwing pretty much the whole house on the side of the road — furniture, beds, clothing that got wet, baseboards, sheet rock, it’s a mess,” said Pruitt.

Bulks of sheet rock, flooring, and mattresses, just to name a few, have crowded neighborhoods for a few days.

Youngsville Mayor, Ken Ritter, says for now setting your trash and debris curbside in two separate piles is perfectly fine, however, be advised that the debris won’t be collected until a plan is finalized.

“Any storm debris put that in a separate pile please don’t block the drainage of the front of your home if there’s a drainage ditch,” said Mayor Ritter.

Some residents, like Mora and Pruitt, have developed a plan to help the city have less debris to pick-up once the ball gets rolling.

“I put as much as I can on a trailer as far as sheet rock and trash from the house,” said Pruitt.

“All the debris that we get out of our house will be in a trailer and hauled off,” said Mora.

Mayor Ritter says since Lafayette Parish was declared a disaster area, he and his administration will work quickly to develop the most cost effective plan possible.

“It’s taking a few more days for us to get that plan approved, but once we do I anticipate that we’ll be able to pick up the trash city-wide within about 30-60 days, so we’re just asking for a little bit of patience,” said Mayor Ritter.

Mayor Ritter assures that once plans for the debris collection are finalized, then the community will be notified.

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