Crowley community helping one another during tough times

CROWLEY, La (KLFY) – Residents in and around Crowley aren’t seeing much relief from the flooding, but one thing about it, the efforts being made to help one another during this terrible time has been pretty amazing to see.

“If I needed some help I would want somebody to help me, so I don’t mind helping people,” said Crowley resident, Gregory Gray.

Good Samaritans aren’t hard to find in the city of Crowley.

Gray says he’s been making rounds around the Westwood subdivision to offer any help that he can.

“We ride back here probably every hour or so just to come check on anybody that need a ride out or whatever,” said Gray. “Yesterday we came back here we had to pull out a couple of cars.”

The good deeds don’t stop there as Crowley resident, Delores Handy, says she reached out to the police and national guard for assistance in another area of town.

“They did come out to give people a helping hand for those that can get out if they wanted to get out, but they didn’t so there’s nothing they can do about that,” said Handy.

With the Mermentau River expected to crest sometime Thursday, residents are bracing themselves for the possibility of another round of excessive flooding.

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen it this bad,” said Crowley resident, Jackie Clement.

Clement lives on W. 7th St. and says her home took a hard hit by the flooding.

“I had about 6 inches of water in my house,” said Clement.

Clement and neighbors are remaining hopeful that they’ll see a relief from the flooding sometime soon.

“Its been an experience that’s all I can say,” said Clement.

An experience that Clement says she’ll never forget.

In the meantime, neighbors say they’ll continue to look out for one another as the possibility of even more flooding could be on the way.

“One thing about it, if we pull together and help each other, we’ll all get through it,” said Gray.

Many families in the city of Crowley say they’re just remaining hopeful that when the Mermentau River does crest that it just doesn’t make matters worse.

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