Crowley resident: We haven’t seen anyone come to give us help

CROWLEY, La (KLFY) – Residents in and around Crowley aren’t seeing much relief from the flooding.

Residents on the west side of town say that they’re still having issues getting to and from some of the neighborhoods, and that water is still continuing to creep into some of the homes.

“It’s going down. That helps a whole lot,” said Crowley resident, Shirley Harmon.

The water may have receded a little, but the city isn’t out of the clear just yet.

“We’re not able to get out until the water really goes down,” said Harmon, and now all eyes are on the Mermentau River as it’s expected to crest at 11.5 ft. sometime Thursday, which would cause even more flooding in and around the city.

“We haven’t seen anything like this before, and hey it is not good,” said Harmon.

Crowley resident, Harrington Mayfield, lives around the intersection of 6th St. and Avenue B and says he and neighbors have had a difficult time keeping the water out of their homes.

“The water was over the porch plus the back step and I had a leak from the back running into the kitchen and the bathroom,” said Mayfield.

“Man, it’s horrible,” said Harmon.

Harmon says the water got as high as her front porch as well, but she says her main concern is centered around the elderly neighbors who she says aren’t getting much help.

“The help that we do get, it’s nothing, because we really haven’t seen anybody come through here to give us any help,” said Harmon.

“Terrible, terrible, very terrible,” said Mayfield.

Neighbors say they will continue to look out for one another as the possibility of even more flooding could be on the way.

“We’re going to try to make it,” said Harmon.

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