Cypress Island neighbors help one another

Photo: KLFY

CYPRESS ISLAND, La. (KLFY)—Many homes in Cypress Island are still flooded as the Vermilion River continues to cause problems.

It’s a scene that many may have thought would only occur in the movies, but now it’s hitting home.

Residents waded through water and used boats just to get to their front door.

“I’m not terrified by it.” Said Smith a resident in Cypress Island, “Just being safe is the main thing.”

Neighbors helped Smith rescue her cows and pigs from floodwaters Wednesday afternoon.

A neighbor told KLFY, “We fought all day to get them out of the water.”

While neighbors haven’t been told to evacuate yet, many are now moving to higher ground.

But a looming threat just isn’t the standing water, residents are now battling unwanted creatures who were displaced by the weekend’s storms.

One resident said they had to kill an alligator two days ago and a water moccasin just this morning.

But for now, neighbors are continuing to lend a helping hand to one another as the water continues to rise. One saying they are grinning and bearing with it… going with the flow.

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