St. Martin Parish residents still battling flood waters

Photo: KLFY

ST. MARTIN PARISH, La. (KFLY)— It’s been days since historic flood waters swept across Acadiana.

Now on Wednesday residents in the parish are still battling flood waters.

“We’re just trying to be patient, wait it out. Be calm.” Said Linda Abraham.

Tyler Johnson who lives in Cypress Island said it’s been devastating watching the water slowly rise, “The water has nowhere to go. So it’s just backing up and trying to find its way out.” Johnson said, “It’s been horrible. We’ve been in the house for the past three days with no water but after the last night it’s the only time the water ever got in the house.”

Linda Abraham and her family have been trapped in their home for three days, saying they finally got to leave the house yesterday only to get flooded back in last night.

She tells News 10, that if the rain doesn’t stop soon, she and her family will have no choice but to evacuate, “Water came in from the room, and the vehicles, we’re not sure yet. If we get any more rain or sign of rain, we’re going to try to get out of here.”

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