Resident: “The community came out to save Lake Arthur”

LAKE ARTHUR, La. (KLFY) – Sand bags are sitting on top of the levees in Lake Arthur and they are the only thing keeping the community from being completley under water.

“The community came out to save Lake Arthur,” said resident Don Gauthier.

Lake Arthur was evacuated over the weekend.

Officials were afraid the water would overflow from the levee due to the massive rain fall.

“The water in a couple area’s here is not being held back by a levee, the levee’s under the water,” said Mayor Robbie Bertrand, “It’s being held back in a fragile way by sand bags. You know, think about that. That’s sand bags sitting on top of sand bags, things can happen. And even then a levee could wash out. Now once a levee starts to breech then it just goes.”

Although the area was evacuated some residents decided to stay behind and help protect their community.

“The community came out in force,” said Gauthier, “I mean there was 150 people back here delivering sand bags, taking them off the street here and handing them down to the people putting them in place. Women, children, the National Guard, all the town people were here. This community it is amazing what they have done.”

Community members from surrounding areas came to help out as well.

“The Lake Arthur people were phenomenal but there was people here from Ville Platt, from Eunice, from Elton, from Jennings, from Hathaway I mean it was people that said ‘I see y’all needed help on Facebook’ and here they come,” said Gauthier, “But you know we appreciate it. Listen, we struggled. We’re right here now though, we’re gonna make it.”

According to Mayor Bertrand the town isn’t in the clear yet but if they are able to continue to keep the community from flooding it will be unforgettable.

“If we’re able to have done this it is something that so many people in Lake Arthur can take credit and know that they played a roll in this,” said Mayor Bertrand, “They played a roll in preventing this from happening. It’s amazing, it’s just amazing.”

Around 8,000 sandbags were used in the process.

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