Dial Dalfred- Red Cross donations

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)—Many victims have asked for help after the historic flooding in Acadiana and many generous people and companies have responded.

But some questions have come up about who the American Cross can accept help from.

During the historic flooding, as thousands of Louisianans rushed out to offer food, water, and even prayer to flood victims in Red Cross shelters, some of those contributions could not be accepted.

When flood waters began to compromise homes, residents took shelter around the state.

Before the Red Cross got all of its people and products in place, the agency accepted donations of all types.

As of Monday last week, they were able to set up and comply with the Red Cross procedure of flood distribution belonging to their partners, like Southern Baptist Convention, who provides 9,400 meals for victims in affected areas.

Red Cross worker, Bonnie Robert Will said, “They are supplying the food for all of our emergency response vehicles that are out feeding people on the streets in the areas that have been affected and also in the shelters. That makes sure that everyone has a consistent quality food so that we can keep everybody safe we fed.”

Issues also arose when the unannounced Acadiana resident came to pray with flood victims, which is not allowed.

Bonnie said if someone of a specific denomination wants to pray, they have to coordinate with the shelter manager.

“However, we can’t let anyone walk in and just go out to the people and put their believes on them because we accept everyone into the shelter.”

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