Healthy Lifestyle – Ryan Hebert

Today in our Healthy Lifestyles of Acadiana segment we’re going to be visiting with Ryan Hebert of Grass Monkey Lawn Services and he’s going to tell us how he stays active and fit and maintains a healthy lifestyle.

So Ryan tell me a little about your fitness journey. Have you always been healthy and active?

Not always. After high school I started working in an office and it wasn’t a healthy environment in that office. Vendors would bring in boudin and cracklins in the morning and it was so tempting to eat that all day long, just snacking on it and just sitting in a chair all day not having a real high energy level. It eventually caught up with me. The weight started accumulating and I looked in the mirror one day and said this isn’t even you. Just got tired of being tired. So I decided to hit the gym and make a lifestyle change. January 2014 I decided to do a 24 day challenge. It was the advocare challenge. I didn’t see the results I was expecting because I didn’t incorporate the exercise with it. So after that 24 day challenge I decided to start exercising and join Cajun Fitness and ever since then it’s been a great journey.

So what did you do when you joined the gym? Did you hit the weight room?

Like a guy I went straight for the weights. I’m not a big cardio fan. Treadmill is not my favorite thing to do so I did weights for a while. Cajun Fitness offers a lot of classes which I was unfamiliar with, thought it was mostly for women. One day somebody invited me to do a RPM class, which is a spin class. So I tried it out and I ended up going back that afternoon to do another class. I really liked the group environment. It was more like a team environment which I was used to from playing team sports. Incorporating the cardio with the weights definitely helped the pounds come off a lot faster. Just have healthier food in your house. And you won’t eat as bad if you keep snacks like potato chips in your cupboard.

Don’t let the heat keep you from staying fit. If Ryan can do it, you can do it. Stay hydrated and keep Fitness First.

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