Lafayette ACT, the results are in!

Cutout Photo: Ilmicrofono Oggiono / CC BY 2.0 License Link

The following was released by the Lafayette Parish School Board:

LAFAYETTE PARISH, La.– ACT results for districts and schools were released today.

The reports show five-year trend data for the district and schools and also consider student preparedness for college level work.

In 2012, all 11th graders were to take the ACT. State and district trends imply that most students took the exam, but likely not all, as the number of students taking the test increased substantially again in 2013. It appears 2014 was the first year we reached nearly 100% compliance.

Since 2014, Lafayette Parish has shown annual improvement as measured by composite scores and has also performed somewhat better than the state as a whole. Subject-level subscores indicate the district has exceeded state scores and shown steady improvement in science and reading. There has been no change in English scores in the past 3 years, causing the district to lag behind the state’s steady improvement in that subject.

Lafayette Parish schools continue to exceed the state in mathematics; although, the parish did experience a 0.4 point drop in mathematics among 2016 graduates.

Lafayette performs better than the state in the percentage of students ready for college in biology, algebra, and social science, trailing the state in only English composition. In the category that shows the percentage of students who improved in all four subjects, Lafayette again performs better than the state.

Northside High lags behind the state in the 4 ACT subjects (English, reading, math, and science) and its composite score but has improved at a much higher rate than the state except in math.

Lafayette High exceeds the state’s ACT performance by more than 2 points in all measured areas but reading and greatly outpaces the state in the percentage of students considered ready for college level courses.

The most recent 3 years find Acadiana High declining in English, math, and composite results, but there has been an upward trend in reading and science. The school trails the state substantially in ACT’s analysis of college readiness.

ECA outscores the state in all 5 areas and has shown more growth proportionally than the state. The school far exceeds the state in the percentage of students judged college ready.

Comeaux High School’s ACT results track closely with the state. Comeaux lags one tenth of a point behind the state in its composite score. It matches or exceeds the state’s percentage of students ready for English composition and college algebra, but is 2 percentage points lower than the state in the number of students meeting all 4 benchmarks for college readiness.

David Thibodaux STEM Magnet Academy’s scores fall below state results, but has shown steady improvement in the 3 years its students have taken the ACT.

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