Gov. Edwards visits flood damaged Youngsville, Lake Arthur

YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY)—As Governor John Bel Edwards landed at the Youngsville Sports Complex, he was welcomed by the National Guard, Youngsville officials, parish officials, law enforcement and the media.

As the Governor arrived Tuesday morning, it didn’t take long for his tour to begin, visiting one of the most flood damage neighborhoods in Lafayette Parish; Highland Ridge.

“These homes in here have not flooded before. They don’t live in a flood zone. The overwhelming majority of the people did not have flood insurance, and really, insurance is designed to make you whole after if you suffered damages and even through we’re bringing bear all the FEMA relief we can and what’s allowed by statute, it’s not going to be enough to make people whole and that’s unfortunate.”

Highland ridge resident, Shelyece MacGahhey said she sis still not back in her home after nearly four inches of water into her home. “When we were able to get back in, we got it as much as we could, took out flooring, carpet, sheet rock and insulation, which was all soaking wet. So which had backed up so everything was contaminated.”

Governor Edwards said, “So, this is going to require a month’s long comprehensive effort where we go to Congress and we ask for a supplemental appropriations for community development block Grant assistance. We have to do more with transportation, you all have had a tremendous number of roads underwater in Youngsville and all around Lafayette Parish, and around the state. Those roads are going to deteriorate a lot more quickly now so, we’re going to have to get some assistance there.”

After his visit in Youngsville, the Governor headed to Lake Arthur, a community which was evacuated during the flood. Some residents stayed behind to stack sand bags on top of the levees to make sure the water wouldn’t enter the community.

Now the water has begun to recede, Lake Arthur is in the recovery process.

The Mayor of Lake Arthur, Robert Bertrand said the town was lucky this time but there are ways the Governor can ensure this situation doesn’t happen again.

“It would be from raising the height of the existing levees, it would be adding another pump station on the west side of town that would block that water from coming in.”

The Mayor said over 8,000 sand bags were used to keep the floodwaters from coming into the community and the sand bags will remain there throughout the hurricane season.

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