Gueydan residents celebrate recovery at Annual Duck Festival

GUEYDAN, La. (KLFY) – One sandbag was left after the Louisiana National Guard saved the town of Gueydan, and Thursday the community kicked off the recovery process, in true Louisiana style, with a festival.

Last week the National Guard dropped hundreds of sandbags blocking water from breaching the levee saving the town of Gueydan from flooding.

Almost a week later the community is picking up the pieces.

“We’ve been struggling quite a bit. It was hard to see it’s not something we’re used to seeing every day,” said resident Kim Maturin.

And many are looking forward to some fun at the Gueydan Duck Festival.

“That’s what we are hoping, that everybody comes, and relaxes, and tries not to think about it, even though they have to go back to it but know it is getting better,” said Duck Festival secretary Tammy Richard.

Madison Petry is a food truck worker at the festival, but she also helped feed National Guard members last week. She said the past few weeks were challenging, but the community really pulled together.

“They had people that just volunteered their time to cook. I actually took time out of my day to cook breakfast we started at 3:30,” said Petry.

Duck Festival president Judy Leblanc said the flood tried to knock them down.

“There was some uncertainty a couple of weeks ago, but we’re here the sun is shining and we are ready to roll.”

But couldn’t stop residents like Troy Maturin from enjoying the famous festival.

“I work at a grocery store and we were very busy after the flooding so it’s nice to get out and just kick back,” said Maturin.

The festival will wrap up Sunday at 2 p.m.

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