Sandbags to remain on levee in Lake Arthur as a precaution

LAKE ARTHUR, La. (KLFY) – After the town of Lake Arthur was evacuated during the flood, residents stayed behind to stack sand bags on top of the levees to make sure the water didnt enter the community.

“I’m so proud of all these students and parents and everybody,” said Mayor Robert Bertrand, “I’m happy to be able to show off a little bit about what people did here.”

Now that the water has begun to receed, the town is in the recovery process.

Governor John Bel Edwards flew in on Thursday to see what the community did.

Although the town was lucky this time, Mayor Bertrand says there are ways Govenor Edwards can ensure this situation doesnt happen again.

“It could be from raising the hight of the existing levees it could be adding another pump station on the wast side of town that would block that water from coming in,” said Mayor Bertrand.

Even though Rebecca Lopez still has water in her home, she has been handing out supplies to flood victims every day.

She’s hoping that Governor Edwards visit will help make a difference.

“Keep raising the levees higher around the town and let him see what we’re doing,” said Lopez, “Because if it wouldnt be for the town and all its volunteers it wouldnt have gotten done.”

Mayor bertrand said over 8,000 sand bags were used to keep the floodwaters from coming into the community and the sand bags will remain there throughout hurricane season.

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