Victim speaks out one year after stabbing/shooting tragedy in Sunset

SUNSET, La. (KLFY) – August 26th is a day the Johnson family will always remember, and Friday loved ones came together to remember the family hero, Shameka Johnson.

“To remember her as the hero she was because she went out protecting this family,” said Shaterral Johnson.

Shameka Johnson and Sunset Police officer Henry Nelson were tragically killed on this day last August, a day Jackie Johnson remembers all too well.

“The minute Shurlay came out the room he grabbed a butcher knife and started stabbing Shurlay. I locked myself up in the bathroom,” said Jackie Johnson.

Shameka, her sister Shurlay and mother Jackie Johnson were all at the family home when the tragic events unfolded.

“When I opened the door I saw my cousin cryings. I said where is my Mickey and she siad she’s gone,” said Johnson.

Sunset Police officer Henry Nelson’s life was also taken while responding to the call. The Sunset Police Department held a vigil for officer Nelson Friday night..

Now two crosses remain in the yard representing the two lives lost that day. Shameka’s sister sShaterral Johnson said she is comforted knowing her sister is in a better place.

“She’s always with us and in our hearts. We miss her terribly,” said Shaterral Johnson.


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