Youngsville residents start the rebuilding process

YOUNGSVILLE, La (KLFY) – Many families are still on the road to recovery after the recent flooding, but one homeowner says the process is getting a little easier each day.

“It was pretty nerve racking at first, but we’re on the downward slope now getting stuff rebuilt, so only one way to be is positive,” said Youngsville resident, Sean Paris.

After getting hit with 3 inches of water inside his home, Paris has begun the rebuilding phase.

“We’ve pretty much ripped up all the carpet, all the flooring, drywall, insulation,” said Paris, and he’s taken matters into his own hands with the help of family and friends.

“Definitely a learning curve, I’m definitely no carpenter by trade, but I’m learning a lot of new valuable skills and just working with what we got to try to get it back together,” said Paris.

Paris says he’s gotten far in the rebuilding process and still has quite a ways to go, but is thankful for those who have pitched in a helping hand thus far.

“Since the start we’ve had nothing but non-stop help,” said Paris. “All of our friends and family been over here, everyday I’ve had people helping me.”

The help mixed with the community’s positive response has been an experience that Paris says he’s appreciative of.

“Definitely want to be apart of any community that responded like this one,” said Paris. “Can’t thank everybody enough for coming out and helping.”

Paris says he hopes to have renovations completed in about 2 months.

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