Recovery Process For Maurice Residents in the Works..



Couches, mattresses and other personal items are left damaged on the side of the road after recent flooding. The Village of Maurice is still currently recovering.

The Village of Maurice has a population of more than 1000.
Some residents lost everything in their homes while others try to salvage what they can.

Janelle Chargois tells us “All material things can be replaced, at some point and time. I’m just taking it one day at a time.”
Her cherished antique furniture and some of her favorite records and record player were ruined.
Chargois never imagined that this was how she’d spend her first few weeks of retirement.

“You know a lot of the time we hear people say the phrase, ‘it’s here today and gone tomorrow’ and you cant really understand the depths of that statement unless something happens to you. Now i understand that it can be here today and gone tomorrow,” says Chargois.

Down the block is Calvin Malveaux who’s lived in his home for 46 years
He’s never seen flooding this bad before.
Malveaux bought a mustang as a retirement present to himself.
the vehicle only had 15000 miles on it, but was totaled by flood waters that reached up to the locks.

“I’m supposed to be enjoying my retirement, not dealing with this,” says Calvin.

Neighbors say there’s a drainage issue that needs to be addressed.

The community is standing together while more help is on the way.
Organizations are providing assistance and support to those in need.
Principal Tommi Byler of North Vermilion High School is offering his campus as a supply pickup area.
Principal Byler tells us that this has been a life lesson that cannot be taught in classrooms.
North Vermilion High School is opening its doors to the Church of Christ Disaster Relief effort to offer supplies like these to the victims of the flooding in the Village of Maurice.

The Church of Christ Disaster Relief effort based out of Nashville, Tennessee and will be in town on Saturday, August 27th with items like food, cleaning supplies, repair supplies and more.
The pick up hours will be from 11am until 3pm.

These items will be available for Maurice residents that were victims from the flooding.
The Church of Christ will be offering other pickups for Breaux Bridge and New Iberia.
The dates and times for the pickups are still to be determined.

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