Pecan Trees

Today in your Lawn and Garden , we’re fertilizing trees. You say you have to fertilize those things? That’s true, a lot of people don’t know that but you’re going to make it easy for us John.

Yeah but this is mainly pecan trees that we’re talking about here and you can do it several ways. We have this earth auger with electric drill put your hose in. We have the fertilizer. if you have smaller trees, we have smaller drills you can use. We have a specific fertilizer that we make at the feed store. It’s a 21 -10- 5 with zinc sulfate. Everything the pecan needs. So September and October – the 2 months to fertilize and again you’re going to do it in the spring.  Now a tree the size I had right here is say around 24 inches in diameter through and through. So you use 2 pounds per inch so roughly 50 pounds, 48 for sure but 50 pounds on this true. So that’s a lot of fertilizer it sounds like. But if it’s a producing tree, that’s what you need to put. What I do with a tree this size is use an old time posthole digger since I have to put so much.   I can put each hole I make I can pout 5 to 10 pounds per hole so I only have to make possibly 5 holes per tree. You want to stay near the drip line of the tree. That’s where your feeder roots are so just go evenly around it. And you’ll see the difference it makes in your tree.

How deep do the holes have to be again?

You can be at least a foot deep is good. To fill in the fertilizer and leave about an  inch or two where you’re going to put dirt on top.

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