Residents of Derby Heights describe neighborhood after flooding

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)—It has now been almost three weeks since the historic flooding, and it has taken up to this past Saturday for water to clear up in Derby Heights.

The floodwater mixed with sewage left the streets smelling.

Governor Edwards made his way around the neighborhood this Thursday, seeing the destruction and toll of the flooding.

Matt Roth, the President of Environmental Associates of Louisiana said he has a solution for the sludge and putrid smell.

Roth said he has a spray that can eliminate the odor within 24-hours, “It starts working on fecal coli-form and other fecal contaminants and will continue to work as long as there is moisture.”

The smell though is just the beginning of resident’s problems.

Martha Ayeni’s is now seeing the damage to her home of 38-years, she now has to replace walls in her home from the mold that has since grown.

Lincoln Narcisse’s home is only a decade old, now left bare inside, his damaged furniture left on his driveway.

Within walking distance, a small park and playground, a place Narcisse said he is now skeptical of letting his daughters play at.

“Not knowing what’s out here, what type of pollution, or what could be crawling around in the grasses because of the water that’s been sitting for two weeks.”

We next spoke with Abraham Rubin who lives just around the corner, he said he hasn’t cut his grass in almost a month and is ready for everything to go back to normal.

“I just want to stay at my house, mold free.” Said Abraham adding he just doesn’t feel like he is home.

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