Lafayette Parish property taxes after flood; chance to get reassessed

YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) –  In Acadiana, there’s concern among some homeowners that the value of their property is not what it was before the flood.  The Lafayette Parish Tax Assessor, Conrad Comeaux says tax adjustments can be made.

Phillip Boutwell is hanging drywall for homeowners in Youngsville’s Highland Ridge subdivision. Many homes within the subdivision sustained extensive damage. “Some of them don’t know what to say they’re just taking it one step at a time,” says Boutwell.

Broderick McHenry is a first time homeowner who moved to Youngsville from Houston three years ago. McHenry says he had two feet of water in his home. “All my furniture is gone. All of my clothes, all the kids toys because it’s not only just rain water its sewage water.”

McHenry says FEMA has been a huge help in him being able to do the work he’s having done to repair what was damaged. McHenry explains that after the subdivision located up-front was built on higher ground – everything below got their runoff.  “That’s what flooded us out back here along with the rain water,” adds McHenry.

Tax Assessor Conrad Comeaux says property taxes can be adjusted if a petition is filed with the assessor’s office. Comeaux says affected homeowners can send FEMA or insurance claim forms as proof of damage sustained.  “If they can provide that proof, then we will adjust the values on buildings accordingly. It will depend on the damages of course,” adds Comeaux. It’s that simple.

McHenry supports the idea of being able to request to have his property taxes reassessed.  That’s less money out of pocket and more money toward fixing up what’s left of his home. “I know I can’t sell my house for what I bought it for now. It’s going to have to come down a bit.  That’s the only logical thing,” adds McHenry.

FEMA or insurance claim forms can be faxed into the assessor’s office at (337) 291-7086; be sure to include name, address and phone number so they can reach you.  To drop-off forms; the assessor’s office is located downtown at 1010 Lafayette, Street.


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