Possible property tax increases ahead for Lafayette Parish

Photo Credit: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Tuesday night, the Lafayette City-Parish Council voted to increase property taxes to help pay for city and parish services.

The city-parish council voted on rolling forward property millage rates for 2016, which would then create an increase in property tax for homeowners.

Millage rates are used to calculate property taxes.The council looked at more than 20 separate millage rates Tuesday night, and approved rolling forward most of them.

The council voted not to increase property tax millages for the airport, parks and recreation, the jail and public library.

“By state law we are mandated to reassess every 4 years. 2016 is the reassessment year,” said Conrad Comeaux, Lafayette Parish Assessor.

Property values have increased in this year’s reassessment. LCG can roll millages forward to collect the same amount of property tax, possibly more, than last year.

“We can roll forward our millage rate to generate or to reflect our property value increases,” said Bruce Conque, city-parish councilman.

Councilman Bruce Conque says the property tax increase would be about $7 or $8 per month for a $200,000 home.

“This is not a type of a tax we are choosing to increase because we can’t do that by the vote of the council. And we are not proposing to levee a millage rate above what the voters already approved,” said Lorrie Toups, LCG Chief Financial Officer.

Even if the parish sees higher property taxes, Mayor President Joel Robideaux says homeowners affected by flooding can request to have their property reassessed.

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