Major repairs planned for Westside Elementary

Westside Elementary School in Scott, La. (Photo: Amanda McElfresh, The Advertiser)

(The Daily Advertiser) – A preliminary estimate shows it will cost at least $5.7 million to repair Westside Elementary after it flooded last month.

“The school needs to be brought up to current code,” Albert Moliere of Architects Beazley Moliere told the Lafayette Parish School Board this week.

Some parts of Westside were built in the 1950s, while others were constructed in the 1980s.

Moliere said the initial plan is to remove all of the wood inside the school and replace it with concrete. Other work will include a new sprinkler system, electrical system and air conditioning units.

The school also will have all new ceilings and floors, he said.

Westside Elementary took on at least a foot of water throughout the school duringAugust’s flooding event.

Students and teachers are now having classes at temporary sites at Scott Middle and N.P. Moss Prep. Superintendent Donald Aguillard said about 200 teachers and staff from other schools helped Westside teachers with the transition.

No estimate has been given on how long the repairs are expected to take.

It was also not immediately clear how much insurance companies or federal agencies may pay for the repairs.

Kyle Bordelon, the district’s director of planning and facilities, said his office has ongoing meetings with insurance adjusters and FEMA to discuss the school’s condition and plans for repair.

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