Return of student accused of murder prompts parents to protest at school board

KROTZ SPRINGS, La. (KLFY) – Parents of Krotz Springs Elementary students gathered at the St. Landry School Board Office on Friday morning to voice to their concerns about a Melville boy, as well as his brother, returning back to school.

“We don’t want these children to not get the help that they need. We don’t want these children to go uneducated,” said concerned grandparent, Rhonda Moran. “We don’t hate these children, but they need help.”

Twanda Washington and her 12-year old and 15-year-old sons are no strangers to trouble. All three were jailed in connection with the murder of a 15-year-old Melville boy.

The 12-year-old boy was deemed incompetent to stand trial and served about five months in a juvenile detention center before being released.

Most recently, the boys were among several juveniles accused of taking a joyride on a tractor stolen from Krotz Springs, and now parents have gotten word that the brothers will be going back to school very soon.

“I don’t feel that we should be forced to accept them and we are going to do everything we can to keep them out,” said Carroll Snyder, Krotz Springs Mayor.

Snyder as well as parents say both boys have been known for causing problems at the school way before the murder occurred.

“Both of these children have been a nightmare for the school for a number of years,” said Moran.

“They’ve been a problem since they been there,” said Mayor Snyder.

Parents say they’re on edge, fearing that their kids are at risk.

“Who’s going to protect them if either one of these children come to school with a gun? We don’t know!” said Moran.

Moran says she has several grandchildren who attend the school, who are afraid of what could happen.

“My granddaughter should not go home at night scared that, ‘What if he finds out where I live? Will he come for me?'” said Moran.

Mayor Snyder says the children are zoned for North Central High School, but says school board officials made the decision to send them back to Krotz Springs because the murder victim has 22 relatives at North Central High School.

“We just don’t need this kind of drama in Krotz Springs,” said Mayor Snyder.

Mayor Snyder along with many parents are taking action. They feel both boys should be homeschooled.

“We love our teachers, we love our principal,” said Moran. “We don’t want to see them at risk.”

Moran says come Monday if the boys are allowed back on the campus, then parents will start pulling their kids.

“If the school board is just waiting for us to just give up on it, they going to be in for a long wait cause it’s not happening,” said concerned parent, Chris Morrow.

The parents started a petition Thursday evening that Moran says already has well over 200 signatures.

Mayor Snyder says St. Landry Parish School’s Superintendent, Edward Brown, told him that he’s meeting with a legal counsel again to change the boys from going to Krotz Springs Elementary to possibly an alternative school instead.

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