Tax Assessor’s Office overwhelmed with inquiries after flood

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Every four years homeowners get the opportunity to reassess their property, and with the recent flood and the increased property, tax the Tax Assessor’s Office has been busier than ever.

Lafayette Parish Tax Assessor Conrad Comeaux said homeowners experienced flooding at a bad time.

“We had the reassessment notices that had already been programmed to go out in the middle of August and then the flood hits.”

In addition to the flood, the Lafayette city-parish council voted Tuesday to increase property taxes raising many concerns with residents like Rita Whitney.

“I think it’s a lot of money that increased all of a sudden. You know if it would have been a slight increase it might not have been so detrimental, but since it was such a big increase that’s why I’m here and a lot of people are here,” said Whitney.

These issues created long lines for customers.

“The wait has been tremendous. I got here at one and it’s now five and we are still here and they said there’s still a whole page of people in front of me,” said Whitney.

It also made long hours for employees.

“We’ve stayed after hours to help people past our normal closing time. We’ve been leaving here at six, seven to try and help people get taken care of,” said Comeaux.f you have questions about flood damage–Comeaux suggests bringing as much proof as possible.

If you have questions about flood damage Comeaux suggests bringing as much proof as possible.

“In relation to the flood if they have a female claim form or an SBA loan, or a flood insurance claim form, anything that can show proof that their property did flood, and that they sustained property damage,” said Comeaux.

The reassessment deadline is Monday, September 12th. Comeaux said that date will be extended.


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