Unsolved mystery: Baby abandoned on road, run over by car

LOGANVILLE, GA (CBS46) – Somewhere out there, someone knows the answer to a terrible secret, and now Walton County investigators think it’s finally time for that person to come forward.

A newborn baby was hit by a passing car after being abandoned on the side of the road near Old Zion Cemetery and Rockmore Roads just outside Loganville in April 2004.

To this day, no one knows who left the baby there, but there are clues that whoever ran the baby over may have done so on purpose.

“The automobile would have had had to go some distance off of the road to run over that,” said Walton County homicide investigator Michael Rising.

Wayne Baker remembers when police were outside his house 12 years ago.

“I thought, ‘Oh my lord, that’s the bag I saw laying out there,’ and I kind of felt bad. And I didn’t stop to check it because I just thought it was trash,” said Baker.

The baby was left on the side of the road in a red medical waste bag marked “biohazard.” Rising said it’s an important clue, because you can’t buy a bag like that in the store.

“It indicates she may have had some assistance. Someone who had access to, or was employed by a medical facility,” said Rising.

There is evidence that someone gave birth to the baby boy shortly before he was put in the bag. Investigators said it’s possible that whoever ran over the bag didn’t know a baby was inside, but they’re not ruling anything out.

“It was fairly easy to see, it stuck out like a sore thumb. I know people who see something along the road and they just want to run over it,” said Rising.

When detectives first began to look at this case, they checked with every nearby school and church to see if anyone knew of a girl who was pregnant and hiding it from her parents. However, all the leads they were given ended up taking them nowhere.

By the time a neighbor found the baby’s body while out for a walk, it was too badly decomposed to tell if it was black or white.

If you remember knowing a young lady near the Loganville region who was pregnant in 2004, and you don’t know what happened to their baby, the Walton County Sheriff wants to hear from you.

The number to call is (770) 266-1558.

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