Abbeville Kids Donate Own Toys, Leads to Big Fundraiser

ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY) A brother and sister from Abbeville decided to gather their own toys to give to children who’ve lost everything in the historic flood.

Their small act of kindness inspired an even bigger movement.  7 year old A’mya and 4 year old Day’von learned the importance of helping out those in need from their mother Johnette Romero.
She was left with nothing after Hurricane Ike hit back in 2008.

After the recent flooding, the children took it upon themselves to give their own toys to kids who lost everything. A’mya and Day’von’s mother tells us that she is so proud of her children for doing what they did.

Day’von who hopes to be a helicopter pilot one day, says he gave up some of his trucks along with clothes and his sister gave up some dolls. The kids made their first donation to evacuees still staying in a hotel.
This inspired Romero’s employer to also give back to those in need.

Romero has worked for CFLane, a real estate firm for two years. The Senior VP of Human Resources, Alan Walsh came up with a quick way to get employees involved.
More than 200 of the company’s employees raised over 7 thousand dollars. The firm matched $5,000 of that for a grand total of $12,100 dollars.

The money raised was donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank. This non-profit organization is known for distributing food, water, and supplies across 23 of Louisiana’s parishes.

If you still wish to donate to the Second harvest Food Bank, you can go to

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