City of Lafayette installs bike lane on popular street

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Motorists travelling through downtown Lafayette may want to pay a little extra attention on one of the main thoroughfares.

There have been changes to the travel lanes along Congress Street between Cypress and Evangeline Streets.  News Tens Dalfred Jones has the story.

“As part of the ongoing movement to make Lafayette more bicycle friendly, after two years of planning and public input, the restriping project here on Congress Street is near completion.

16,000 vehicles travel along Congress Street daily and studies done by the Lafayette Consolidated Government show there are a high number of crashes along Congress with most of them near Cypress and Third Streets.

Traffic cones and dynamic message signs warn drivers of traffic changes and urge them to pay attention. The striping project isn’t done just yet, but the goal is to have a major portion done by this weekend.

The newly striped lanes are definitely going to take some getting used to for both cyclist and motorist, so be mindful of commuters both driving and riding along this section of Congress.

In Lafayette Dalfred Jones for KLFY News Ten.””

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