Farmers Give The Scoop About Livestock Post Flood




The agriculture industry took a huge hit after the flooding.
Cows, horses goats and other animals were also affected.

Daniel Lyons adores all of his animals and has been farming since his 20s.
He says he’s been through hurricanes, but has never seen flooding as bad before.

“Lyons says “We had water where we’ve never seen water before, and where we didn’t believe we’d ever see water.

The excessive flood water has a domino effect when it comes to livestock.
Lyons says all of his animals survived, but other problems arose because of the water that sat around for days.

Lyons says horses and cattle will stay standing up for hours on end and do not get rest. “So they lose weight.”

Other issues that particularly show in horses is rain rot on their skin from standing in damp water in Louisiana’s humid climate.
Horses can experience hair loss along with skin irritation.
Lyons says its a little different for the cows.

“The cattle can take the rain and water better than the horses can,” Lyons says.

Lyons’ son Barrett also tells us that his goats do not like to get wet.

Mosquitoes are also a big problem for the animals, because those pests can transport diseases.
Another critter that destroys grass, in which the animals munch on, are what Lyons calls ‘army worms’.

“I don’t have to mow my grass for a few days, because they clean out my yard,” Lyons tells us.

The LSU  AG Center estimates roughly 4 million in losses for livestock.
As for hay, the numbers add up to over 8million dollars.

“Some of the hay fields went under water, and they stayed under water long enough, for that grass to die,” says Lyons.

The damaged hay is putting farmers back from feeding their livestock.
This also contributes to the animals losing weight.

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