Ragin’ Cajun fans, what makes the best tailgate?

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Rain or shine the parking lot at Cajun Field is full of fans tailgating before kick off.

So what do Ragin’ Cajun fans think makes the best tailgate.

Whether it’s food on the grill, tossing a football, or good music, there’s no doubt about it, Ragin’ Cajun fans know how to tailgate.

Even though there was some rain on Saturday, fans still made the best of it.

“Cajun fans are going to come out,” said David Dugas, “The last couple of weeks I’ve been out here, we’ve been out here like 7:30-8 o’clock playing music whenever there was just a few people here. You know we start early and then people start trickling in. But I mean they got to get up early to catch us.”

Kickoff was at 6pm but the parking lot was filled with fans by noon.

David Dugas is a Ragin’ Cajun alum.

He has been tailgating since 1974 and said each year his tailgate gets even better.

“The best tailgate you gotta have good food, you gotta cook it yourself, you gotta have good music, you gotta have a dance floor where everybody can dance,” said Dugas.

While most Cajuns enjoy good food, Koby Carrigee said the people around you is what makes a perfect tailgate.

“Just having fun with friends, family all the food and just being out here with people you care about,” said Carrigee “Family means everything to us.”

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