Residents complain of rotten fish smell along W. Bayou Pkwy

(Viewer submitted photo)
(Viewer submitted photo)

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) While many are spending the day watching college football and relaxing, some living in one Lafayette neighborhood have spent the day smelling rotting dead fish in their backyard.

Area residents living along West Bayou Parkway in Lafayette have contacted our newsroom complaining about the stench that stretches from the Rotary Point area to Doucet Road.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said the death of all these fish is a byproduct of receding floodwaters, however, they are still investigating the phenomenon.

Earlier this week, workers at the Moncus Park at the Horse Farm were surprised to find thousands of dead fish in the parks coulee.

Today, it appears the fish corpses moved upstream where one viewer captured this photo beneath the bridge on W. Bayou Parkway at Rotary Point.


LDWF officials announced that the cleanup for the hundreds of dead fish would come from letting nature take its course but nearby residents are concerned.



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